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Production, Engineering and Transport




Production Services:

  • Laser, plasma, oxy-gas cutting.
  • Bending table according to customer specifications.
  • Rolling table up to 32 mm thick.
  • Mechanical processing.
  • Welding services.
  • 3D measurements.

Design capabilities:

  • The manufacturing and design process are analysed and improved periodically.
  • Computer Aided Design is used to assist with the development of the product and tooling.
  • The ability to exchange electronically drawings with a customer.
  • Standard procedure to analyse or review drawings. (Autocad, Solidworks etc)
  • Revision control of manufacturing instruction and engineering documentation.
  • Available resources to design and manufacture the tooling.

Other Capabilities:

  • Packing type: wood beams, special steel frames, euro-pallets.
  • Standard freight conditions: in accordance with the client's offer and requirements (according to INCOTERMS).
  • Capabilities of generating reports for the client relating to order status.
  • Availability to validate orders against own capabilities and to discuss the problems with the customer.
  • Availability to communicate effectively the customer's changes to all departments and suppliers.
  • The ability to place and exchange electronic orders to suppliers.
  • The ability to electronically receive orders sent by customers.
  • Language correspondence:
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian