Engineering Capabilities:

The manufacturing and design process are analysed and improved periodically

Computer Aided Design is used to assist with the development of the product and tooling.

The ability to exchange electronically drawings with a customer.

Standard procedure to analyse or review drawings

Revision control of manufacturing instruction and engineering documentation.

Available resources to design and manufacture the tooling.

Transports and Delivery Capabilities:

Packing type: wood beams, special steel frames, euro-pallets,

Company's shipping facilities: for truck shipment on normal trailer -5 km to European Road

Standard freight terms: according to the offer and Client's requirements

Capabilities of generating reports for the client relating to order status, invoice value.

Availability to validate orders against own capabilities and to discuss the problems with the customer.

Availability to communicate effectively the customer's changes to all departments and suppliers.

Capability to place and change orders electronically with the customers.

Capability to place and change orders electronically with the suppliers.

Procurement capabilities.