Inspection capabilities

Visual and dimensional inspections: 1800 mm 3D measuring arm, steel measuring tapes, calipers, micrometers, weld gauges, paint thickness measurement

Hydrostatic testing facilities

Quality System

Quality Management System Standard: ISO 9001-2008

Assessment body: BUREAU VERITAS / AEROQ

Original approval: 14 June, 2004

Certificate expiry: 19 June, 2019

Certification according to: EN 1090-1 & EN 1090-2 , EXC 2

Certification according to: EN 3834-2

Assesment for inspection/testing and qualification: TUVSUD, Lloyd's Register

Qualified welding procedures according to: EN ISO 15614-1

Qualified welders according to welding standards: EN ISO 9606-1; AWS D1.1; ASME IX