Metal Techinks Portfolio

Welded structures and machined parts delivered on time and according to client's specifications

Sadisfied customers all over Europe

Client - TLD (Saint-Lin, France)
Welded structures for:
Baggage tractors;
Other welded structures;
Client - CERN (Geneva, Switzerland)
Different welded structures for:
Fixed platforms;
Mobile working platforms;
Lifting beams;
Other types of welded structures;
Client - LMT (Sossano, Italy)
Welded structures for:
Engine and generator frameworks;
Client - EMBA Berg Group
(Orebro, Sweden)
Welded and machined parts for:
Industrial use;
Client - Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft
(Memmingen, Germany)
Welded structures for:
Transport and logistic equipments;
Client - RWO-VEOLIA (Bremen, Germany)
Welded containers for:
Wastewater treatment;
Fresh water & process water treatment;
Client - HEMKE (Sarstedt,
Welded and machined parts for:
Electrical engines and generators;
Client - Optibelt (Heijen,
Welded and machined parts for:
Industrial use;