Technology & Equipment

List of manufacturing equipment and machine tools

Oxy-cutting machine with CNC (SAF OXYTOME 25 E): max 100 mm thickness;

Plasma jet cutting facilities: max. 20 mm thickness;

Laser cutting machine for plates 1500 X 3000 mm, max 12 mm thickness;

Plates-shearing machine for plates 3000 mm width and 16 mm thickness;

Band saw cutting of bars and shapes with 300 mm dia. (BEHRINGER);

Plate sheet rollers: max. 2500 mm width and 22 mm thickness;

Bending machine for plates with 3100 mm width and 16 mm thickness;

Vertical turning lathes for 1400 mm and 1700 mm diameters;

Vertical machining center CNC - DNM 650;

Conventional horizontal lathes and lathes with CNC;

Conventional machine for milling, boring: FUS, AFD 100, FLP 600 a.o.;

Conventional drilling machine for hole up to 100 mm diameter;

Welding units for SAW, SMAW, GTAW and TIG proceeding;

Complete line for band saw welding –IDEAL-WERK (welding and heat treatment); - more info

Mobile handling machine and manipulators;

Painting and sanding facilities: painting and sanding cabins;