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Note for EXTERNAL (personnel of other companies: suppliers, customers, visitors, etc.) for access to Metal Techniks SRL, related to the COVID-19 virus

In order to combat the spread of the Corona-Virus, the current code of conduct has been issued, which will be constantly improved, depending on the evolution of the phenomenon and the applicable national and international regulations.

Externals should consider the following:

* Drivers of trucks coming to the factory from high-risk areas must remain during the loading and unloading process in the truck. When drivers leave the truck, they must wear a mask and keep more than 1m away from our employees.

* Employees of external companies, service providers and providers who detect flu-like or coronavirus-like symptoms during their stay at Metal Techniks must immediately leave the factory and notify the authorities.

* Employees of external companies: suppliers, customers, etc. must limit visits to the maximum and follow the instructions regarding the spread of the corona virus.

METAL TECHNIKS states the following instructions to the employees of the factory:

Information on hand hygiene and general information about the coronavirus outbreak:
Coronavirus transmission is similar to influenza, so precautions are similar.

General hygiene rules:
• Wash your hands regularly with soap or disinfectant solution, correctly, for at least 20 seconds
• Avoid free cough in confined spaces
• Cough or squeeze in the elbow or sleeve, not in the hand
• Avoid greeting with the shake of

Spread Information:
The corona-virus is transmitted from person to person, the incubation period is 14 days. The movement of MTK employees into risk areas, in the interest of service, is restricted. It is advisable to avoid trips in the personal interest.
Those who have recently returned from a business or private trip or who have come into contact with people returning from affected areas are asked to remain isolated in the house for 14 days.

This Notice is provided and also applies to employees of external companies, service providers, raw materials and other materials, who have access to the Metal Techniks SRL factory.

The disease should be reported immediately, in accordance with the Regulation on reporting and combating COVID-19. Any deviation from this is sanctioned according to the regulations in force.

Foreign companies, service providers and merchandise providers must answer the following questions:
• Have you traveled in the last 30 days in countries declared at risk regarding Coronavirus?
• Have you had contact with any person returned to the country in the last 30 days in these areas?
• Do you have enough protection equipment for employees in your company?
• Do you have other necessary materials (eg disinfectants) stored or can they be purchased quickly?
• Are you aware of the Coronavirus virus and its measures? • Are you trained in hygiene recommendations against corona-viruses and influenza?